Dr. King Chow


Dr. King Chow MD FRSCS is a faculty member of the University of Toronto Ophthalmology program and had been nominated for the Award of Excellence in Residency Teaching. He is a Royal College certified ophthalmologist that specializes in medical and surgical management of ocular surface diseases. This includes evaluation and treatment of dry eye syndrome, lid margin disease and other tear film disorders. He is regarded as an expert in dry eyes in the Greater Toronto Region. His training is also focused on surgical management of pterygium and he performs over 100 such procedures each year.

Dr. Chow strives to provide the most comprehensive care to his patients. He sees beyond the disease process and encompasses treatment to the individual. He is passionate about his vocation and aims to serve the members of the community to the utmost of his ability.

Dr. Chow is fluent in English and Cantonese

B.Sc. Honours (with high distinction) – University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Western University (London, Ontario)
Ophthalmology Residency (FRSCS) – Western University (London, Ontario)
Clinical Fellowship in Ocular Surface Disease – Western University (London, Ontario)